10-Pack Deer Attractant (Build Your Own)

From: $19.50

Take your favorite Wild Carrot Scents on your hunting trip with our build-your-own 10-pack!

  • Customizable scent pack
  • Fresh deer urine from Doe, Buck, Estrus Doe, and Rutting Buck
  • Lure any white-tailed deer into your area
  • No leak and no smell for easy storage

Love our Wild Carrot Scents? Pick out your favorite natural deer attractants to create a 10-pack of all the scents you love. All of our deer hunting scents are collected from only the freshest urine during the current hunting season. With our patented RIP | SCENT applicator, you can attract deer without the mess of traditional deer urine.

Our build-your-own 10-pack allows you to choose only the scents you need for your hunting trip.

What’s Included:

  • 10 individually packaged 2×6 inch deer scent lures of your choice
  • Adjustable length drag clip wheel
  • Highest quality deer urine available
  • Our patented fresh and easy package design

  Product Quantity

This is doe estrus urine from a whitetail doe that has been laboratory tested and certified to be in heat. The pheromones produced by the doe and released into the urine will attract bucks in their drive to breed.

2.25 ea.

This is buck urine collected from a buck who is "In Rut," meaning that he has been exposed to estrus does, his testosterone levels have spiked, and he is looking to breed. This buck urine contains secretions from the Tarsal Gland of a buck which is used to signal dominance in the area.

1.95 ea.

This is fresh, basic doe urine from a well-fed and relaxed whitetail doe. This doe scent acts as a great cover to other scents in the area while providing other deer with a sense of security.

1.95 ea.

This is fresh, basic buck urine from a whitetail buck. This buck lure acts as a great cover scent for both early and late in the season. The smell of the buck attractant signals to other deer that the area is safe. When coupled with another lure like our Regular Doe scent, it creates the illusion that the area is a safe place where deer routinely hang out.

1.95 ea.

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