10-Pack Deer Attractant (Rutting Buck)


Spend more time hunting and less time dealing with messy deer urine with our rutting buck attractant!

  • 100% pure deer urine
  • No leaks: odor-free when not in use
  • Attracts all white-tailed deer
  • Scents last for weeks, even when dry

As hunters, we know that the hassle of dealing with messy deer urine can be a frustrating part of your hunting trip. At Wild Carrot Scents, we created a solution. Our deer attractants are always FRESH, and our patented RIP | SCENT applicator makes our attractants super easy and effective with no mess.

This rutting buck attractant is collected from a buck who is “In Rut,” meaning he has been exposed to estrus does, his testosterone levels have spiked, and he is looking to breed. This urine contains secretions from his Tarsal Gland which he uses to signal his dominance in the area.

What’s Included:

  • 10 individually wrapped 2×6 inch deer scent lures
  • Drag clip reel to easily attach it to your boot
  • Our patented fresh and easy package design
  • Highest quality deer urine available

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