10-Pack Deer Attractant (Estrus Doe)


Enjoy a mess-free hunting trip with our whitetail deer attractants!

  • Fresh deer urine collected during the current hunting season
  • No leaks: odor-free when not in use
  • Appeals to all white-tailed deer
  • Scents last for weeks

Our Wild Carrot Scents’ natural deer attractants use the deer’s sense of smell against them. We use 100% pure deer urine that is collected fresh during the current hunting season. Our deer scent lures overpower any human odor and give deer the impression that the area is a safe place.

Estrus doe scent is collected from a laboratory test and certified doe in heat. Pheromones are produced and released into the urine attracting bucks to the scent in their drive to breed. With our patented RIP | SCENT applicator you can use our attractants easily and effectively with no mess.

What’s Included:

  • Adjustable length drag clip wheel to easily attach it to your boot
  • 10 individually wrapped 2×6 inch deer scent lures
  • Our patented fresh and easy package design
  • Highest quality deer urine available

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