Why Care About Wild Carrot?

September 22, 2017

It is widely understood that whitetails use their urine and gland secretions as a means to communicate various messages to one another, messages which are necessary for survival. Through years of observation and research, we at Wild Carrot have developed a state of the art system to utilize this method of communication to give hunters an edge in the woods. Our goal is to help improve the chance of success by sharing what we have learned through our experience.

Our products simplify the use of urine attractant, delivering an easy-to-use, always fresh premium scent in patented single-use packs. Utilizing our single-use packs will offer hunters an extremely effective attractant that can be deployed in seconds without the common leakage issues presented by many bottled products. Our single-use packs offer the versatility of a combination of several types of scent application methods, all while allowing zero light or air transmission and remaining small and light enough to carry a few in your pocket comfortably.

The assortment of scents we offer are effective throughout the entire hunting season. Using the standard Doe and Buck scents all season lets the deer in your area think that they are in a safe environment where other deer have recently traveled. This is especially helpful in high pressure areas or during the points in the season when hunter presence is high. Our Rutting Buck scent is collected from bucks who have been exposed to estrus does, creating an elevated testosterone level. It also contains tarsal gland secretions that signal other bucks in the area that the opportunity to become the dominant buck in the herd is here and now. This is a great way to lure in those hard-to-find mature bucks that would otherwise remain in hiding. Our Estrus Doe scent is collected from “hot does” and is laboratory-tested and certified that they are in heat. This scent contains the pheromones released by does in heat, which attracts bucks in their drive to breed. This scent is extremely effective during the rut, including the weeks leading up to and following the peak.

Successful hunting requires having a little science on your side. At Wild Carrot, we make it easy for hunters of all experience levels to take advantage of a deer’s system of communication, utilizing the science behind it. The greatest things in life are always difficult, but we strive to make your hunt a little less work and a lot more fun!

- Barry Smith