The Beginning

AboutThe Company

During the 2012 hunting season, I was driving the 6 hours home from my hunting lease in Ohio, thinking about better ways to use deer scent lures while hunting, and a plan began to form. The next week, I just happened to receive some protein powder in the mail, and it was packaged in a new type of pouch. The material was different from anything I’d seen before. I called the protein supplier, found out where they got their pouches, then called the pouch supplier and ordered their minimum of 500 empty pouches just so I could have the material to experiment with.

From there, I started experimenting with modern packaging materials, and over the last several years, I have developed the perfect system for storing and using deer urine. Along the way, I had to recognize the quality differences between the deer scent lures I was buying at the retail stores and the fresh urine I collected myself from animals I harvested. As far as the urine itself goes, I have been draining the bladders from deer I killed and using it as a cover scent and attractant for over 35 years. The urine I have purchased from stores has always been lacking in quality.

I began testing the urines to see how and why they degraded from a clear, fresh yellow to the brown, stinky mess in the bottles I purchased from stores. I could see that bacteria from feces, air, and sunlight caused store-bought urines to degrade at a rapid pace. To combat this, I developed a packaging system that eliminates all air and sunlight from reaching our fresh urine.

The next step was to find the highest quality deer farms in the country from which to purchase our urine. The farms we use have very high-quality standards. Our urine never comes in contact with feces, and it is refrigerated from the moment it is collected all the way through the transportation process to our packaging facility, and up to the point of shipping to the hunter.

Refrigerating the urine keeps it as fresh as possible. Once in the hunter’s hands, our patented packaging system takes over. We only collect urine and package it during the current deer season, and our system keeps it from degrading so you can use it at any point during that time. If you plan to use it over three to four months, we recommend storing it in the fridge. Our single-use system ensures that the lures never smell or leak. Without Wild Carrot Scents’ packaging system, I would never have been able to keep my deer urine in the fridge next to my wife’s almond milk!

One nice thing about our whitetail deer scents is that we ship them in resealable 10 packs so you can leave the main pack in the fridge, take out a few deer scent sticks, and stick them in your pocket for your weekend hunt. The remaining lures never have to leave the fridge!

After doing some market research we found that other hunters are tired of the mess associated with bottled deer urines and are looking for a better solution. My son and I decided to start making and selling our lures so other hunters can improve the quality of their hunts the same way we have. Years of field testing and refining the lures have finally paid off and we received a patent for our system in March of 2017.

AboutThe Company